For the Adventurous: 3 Must-See Museums in Los Angeles

The Museum of Death

With locations in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the Museum of Death boasts the world’s largest collection of both serial killer memorabilia and other hair-raising curiosities. Step through its skull adorned gate on Hollywood Boulevard, and enter a world laden with stories of eternal rest. Walk through rooms of taxidermied animals, obsolete coroner instruments, and gruesome crime scene photos. There’s no age limit, as the founders like to remind everyone that death affects us all.

Entry Fee: $17

Holyland Museum

Located in the heart of trendy Silver Lake, the Holyland Museum is hidden in plain sight just off the Glendale Freeway; tucked away between houses in a residential neighborhood. The exhibition is comprised of a large assemblage of biblical artifacts collected by explorer and evangelist, Dr. Antonia Futterer -- said to be one of the real-life inspirations for Indiana Jones. Though you won’t find the Ark of the Covenant (that’s apparently in Ethiopia), you will be treated to an extensive collection of splendorous jewelry, tapestries, and other ancient antiquities.

Entry Fee: $2.50

Autry Museum of the American West

Put on your cowboy boots and channel your inner Wyatt Earp (or maybe not) as you peruse exhibits featuring Annie Oakley’s pearl-gripped handguns, authentic stagecoaches, and learn about how the Wild West influenced pop culture. Make the most out your experience by taking the museum’s guided tour.

Entry Fee: $14

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