The Age of Adrenaline

Wow. It’s been a hot minute. I bet you thought I’d abandoned this site completely. Fear not, if you were even remotely in fear… I am back. It’s been a rough few months, hence the lack of updates.

The good news is, I’ve started doing freelance photography and it’s been going pretty good. I even set up a website. You can check it out here: Please hire me. I’m very broke.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and there are a number of adrenaline-inducing activities on my travel bucketlist. I thought that today, I would share some with you. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Adrenaline Inducing Activities on Emily’s Bucketlist.

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Now, there is one company in particular I’m interested in going with: Apex Expeditions in Cape Town. Great Whites, thanks to Jaws, are my mom’s biggest fear. I’ll admit I wouldn’t like to be eaten alive, or even mistakenly attacked by one, but they’re not high on my list of phobias. That said, I don’t like swimming in the ocean. Period. Too many freaky things in there. Getting back on track, I’m very attracted to the idea of going cage diving. Apex Expeditions (this is in no way sponsored — I’ve never had a sponsorship in my life), checks all the boxes for the ideal experience. It’s owned by Chris and Monique Fallows, who have taken part in many a documentary and shark film. The company is trusted by NatGeo, Discovery, the BBC, and Animal Planet, alas, they’re 100% committed to being eco-friendly; which is of major importance to me.

Skydiving in New Zealand

One of my favourite TV shows to come out of the 2000s was a Canadian docu/reality series called “Departures”. The show followed two young men as they traveled the world, exploring beyond each country’s regular tourist attractions. One of the things that caught my attention was an adrenaline focused episode based in New Zealand. Now, before I watched it, I always associated New Zealand with sheep, the shire, Maori culture, and rugby. Apparently, I was missing a major factor: thrill sports. Bungee jumping, skydiving, rolling down hills in giant hamster balls (apparently called ‘Zorbing’)… you name it — this South Pacific island has it all — and in great supply. The moment I saw Scott and Justin step foot off the plane and into freefall, I knew this is where I wanted to go skydiving for the first time. I know myself well enough to admit I highly doubt I will ever go bungee jumping, but skydiving is something that most definitely intrigues me. One ticket to Queenstown, New Zealand please!

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been on my list since high school. Volcanoes have fascinated me since childhood. I used to go tobogganing all the time. Is this the perfect extreme sport for Emily Koopman? It just might be. Lonely Planet has suggested a place called Bigfoot in León — and it looks to me that it could be the best place in the country to give it a go. The activity was invented by the owner, and when trying something potentially dangerous, you want your guides and company to know their shit.

Whitewater rafting in Zimbabwe

Thankfully, like most of the activities on my list, this one promises you need no experience. I just hope they’re right, because sinking to my death below Victoria Falls isn’t exactly how I pictured myself going… but what a story it would be for my funeral, huh? I don’t know anything about rafting… at all… but they say that the experiences on the Zambezi provide “some of the world’s most scenic grade five rapids”. Not sure how they grade these things, but grade five sounds good to me.

Paragliding in Rio

This last one was a toss up between this, or ziplining in Costa Rica. But ya girl has already been ziplining, so I figured I should have something that I haven’t even remotely touched yet. This is another thing I saw on “Departures”. I never had an interest in it before, but those guys just looked like they were having too much fun. There’s something so peaceful and serene about the idea of gliding above tropical rainforests and seeing a bustling metropolis like Rio from high in the air. I know it’s pretty 

Emily Koopman