6 Minutes With: Honey and Jude

...We just enjoy working with different producers and songwriters so we get different ideas and perspectives.
— Jude

Emily Koopman: First of off, can you each give us 3 fun facts about yourselves?

Jude: I am awesome at making Rice Krispy Treats and I keep my special recipe a secret… so don’t ask!

I only have one roommate and it’s a monster cat named Marty McFly who may be the clumsiest cat in the world.

I am one of the few people in existence who like candy corn.

Honey: I was on the basketball team in high school and I scored a 3 point shot at the buzzer one time! I have vivid dreams every night. When I used to do musical theater, my dream was to play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I got cast as Scarecrow, and although I was disappointed at first, it was the best role I have played to this day.

Emily: Your video for "The Real Thing" is honestly my DREAM. If you could each pick an 80's hottie to fall in love with, who it be, why, and what would you want to do on your first date?

Jude: It would be Lorraine from Back to the Future, but when she’s young, not as Marty’s mother, because that’s just weird. I guess we would probably go to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. It might totally disrupt the time space continuum, but it’s a risk I’d be willing to take.

Honey: I would definitely have to say 21 Jump Street Johnny Depp...because I really love him as an actor and I mean look at that face! I would love to do something unconventional and adventurous with him...like jumping off a cliff into the ocean!

Emily: As far as your music goes, is there a songwriter or producer you would particularly like to work with?

Jude: We want to work with Zedd because he seems cool, and we pretend to be cool… so we could be cool together. From a songwriting perspective, we’ve been vibing on Ed Sheeran’s new album because it has some really great stuff in there. As of now, we just enjoy working with different producers and songwriters so we get different ideas and perspectives.

Honey: I'd love to one day work with Rodney Jerkins. I really love the work he's done particularly with Michael Jackson, Destiny's Child, and most recently with Sam Smith. Although he's definitely more R&B, I think it would be awesome to incorporate his style with our pop sensibilities.

Emily: What is something that you've always wanted to be asked regarding your music, but have never had the chance to talk about?

Jude: I have always wanted to be asked, “What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you guys on stage while performing.” I would probably talk about the time a beetle chased Honey around the stage while she was screaming and trying to sing.

Honey: “What was the first song you ever wrote?”

It was named after my best friend, Jennifer at the time. She was sick so I wrote a song about our friendship and one of the lyrics was something like...you always know how to make me feel better, like with a cup of soup, or talking about Justin Bieber. At the time I thought it was very poetic, but whenever I think about it now I just laugh.

Emily: What is your favorite venue that you've played, and is there one that you hope to play in the future?

Jude: We’ve played lots of awesome venues. One of the more recent ones I enjoyed was Genghis Cohen, because its a small, intimate space, but we could still play with the full band. I also liked playing the House of Blues in Anaheim because it’s such a big space! I like playing anywhere there is free food.

Honey: One of the venues that stood out to me was Rusty's Surf Ranch in Santa Monica. One, because I love the beach and two because the crowd there was really awesome and everyone was dancing along with us. I'd love to play at the El Rey theater. We saw Andra Day perform there last year, I remember walking in and saying "we are going to play here one day."

Emily: Lastly, what are some of your plans for 2017 and beyond?

Jude: We are looking forward to releasing some brand new music this year and playing some awesome shows in the LA area. In general, I’m looking forward to being so famous that I have to use fake names when I check into hotels. I’ve already got a list of names ready.

Honey: Yes!! lots of new music, collaborations and lots of shows!! We have big dreams to fill!

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