Weekly Chris: A Chat with YouTube Star Christian Collins

Everything I do is because I enjoy it. If it leads to something else then that’s a bonus.
— Christian Collins

Emily Koopman: What initially got you interested in making videos?
Chris Collins: Boredom [Laughs]. I guess when you have nothing better to do you start talking to a camera.

Emily: Tell us a bit about your editing process.
Chris: I grab some popcorn and a pack of Arizona green tea and spend the next 6 hours turning one hour of footage into a one minute video. I'm a perfectionist, so I'll usually film the same footage 100 times and select the best pieces from each of them.

Emily: If you could do a collab with any YouTuber, who would it be and why?
Chris: I would love to work on a video with O2L or any of the British YouTubers. I feel like they would be a lot of fun to make a video with.

Emily: What inspires you?
Chris: My viewers and their support are my biggest inspiration to continue to make videos and improve my content.

Emily: You're Canadian (hooray!) -- if someone were visiting Canada for the first time, what would you suggest they do?
Chris: Bring at least five winter coats and run to the nearest Tim Horton's! There's a lot of snow in Canada, so snowboarding is a lot of fun.

Emily: What are your future ambitions?
Chris: I love entertaining people. Whether it be through music, acting, or just being stupid... I just want to do it for the rest of my life.

Emily: Were you at all surprised by the success of your videos?
Chris: I never expected anyone to watch them and I'm blown away at how many people have seen me do so many stupid things.

Emily: When you post stuff online, there's no escaping rude comments -- how do you deal with them?
Chris: I don't pay much attention to them. I feel like if it somehow helps them to hate on me, then go for it. I don't live my life based on others opinions.

Emily: You've already explored your musical side -- which is amazing, by the way. Do you ever think you'll venture into acting?
Chris: Thank you! I'm definitely interested in pursuing acting, it's something that I've always been fascinated with.

Emily: As far as your music career goes, is it something you want to dig into further, or is it just for fun? Is there anyone you'd like to work with, musically?
Chris: Everything I do is because I enjoy it. If it leads to something else then that's a bonus. There's so many talented artists I'd love to work with, like, Austin Mahone, Macklemore, Conor Maynard, and so many more.

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