6 Minutes With: Kiersey Clemons

I’m a fan of the women that are like me. I want to be relatable, not idolized.
— Kiersey Clemons
© 2015 Chad Hurst

© 2015 Chad Hurst

Emily Koopman: How did you first become interested in acting?
Kiersey Clemons‏: I feel like it was something I always wanted to do naturally. I love to be other people. Growing up, I was more drawn to comedy because of shows like All That and The Amanda Show.

Emily: What kind of pressures do you face with fame? How do you deal with them?
Kiersey: I feel like because I didn't grow up in the industry and I was able to battle my insecurities quietly, the pressure isn't as heavy. It was when I actually grew and stopped being shallow, that I caught myself wanting to be the funny girl rather than the girl who looked like a Barbie. No one wants to hang out with the pretty girl or the girl with the cutest clothes if she isn't fun to be around and easy to talk to. I'm a fan of the women that are like me. I want to be relatable, not idolized. I'll gladly say I didn't shave my legs today.

Emily: Is there a certain set you've had a lot of fun on?
Kiersey: Austin & Ally holds a special place in my heart because I love that cast so much. Those are my friends.

Emily: Do you have a favourite movie from 2013?
Kiersey: I was anticipating Catching Fire all year. I'm a very big Hunger Games fan and Jennifer Lawrence is everything.

Emily: Besides acting and singing, what are some of your other interests?
Kiersey: I love hiking, cooking, going dancing, painting, reading. Stuff that makes me feel good!

Emily: Musically, what do you have in store for fans?
Kiersey: It's like a funky r&b vibe. I write all my own music and draw from real life experiences; incorporating events from my own life and things my girlfriends have gone through. My goal is to make people feel, whether I'm making you dance or cry, I want you to feel it in your soul.

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