6 Minutes With: Peyton Kennedy

Instead of acting like your character, you have to BE your character.
— Peyton Kennedy, Age 9
© David Leyes

© David Leyes

Emily Koopman: You've been filming Cut Bank alongside some pretty big names, what has the experience been like for you?

Peyton Kennedy: To work with Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, and Billy Bob Thornton was such a great opportunity! I watched closely to see how they act when they are on set: To always be prepared and to come to set ready to work. As an actress, I always want to do my best on set, but when I worked with these fantastic actors, I wanted to try even harder to do my very best.

Emily: What was your first audition (ever) like?

Peyton: My first audition ever was for a smartphone commercial. It’s a pretty funny story. I was clicking away on the phone, and it turns out I was supposed to be swiping. I obviously didn’t get it! But I learned to always be prepared and to come to the audition ready.

Emily: You're still quite young, do you intend to stay in the film industry as you grow up? If not, what are you interested in pursuing?

Peyton: Yes, definitely! It is just so amazing to be someone different, to portray other people. Instead of acting like your character, you have to BE your character. Acting is something I want to do forever. My lifelong acting dream is to win an Oscar, and I am convinced I am going to do that one day.

Emily: Do you have a favourite movie?

Peyton: Before I started acting, my favourite movies were the Harry Potter series. I didn’t just love them, though... I was inspired by them! When I was very young, I was reading the books and watching the movies at the same time. When I did, it made me realize that people actually get to do this for a living. They get to make words come to life and act them and make the audience feel them. I wanted to do that. And now I do! Today, I love all kinds of movies, especially ones with great acting and stories, like Winter's Bone and True Grit.

Emily: Who is an actor you'd really like to work with?

Peyton: I would love to work with Jennifer Lawrence. Presence, believability and confidence are all things that she projects. But most importantly, she has talent. She has an incredible ability to make other people believe what she is feeling. That is why I am inspired by her to become a better actor. So I will keep training and work on having my own presence, believability and confidence on screen. And we kind of look alike, don’t you think?

Emily: What is the hardest part about acting?

Peyton: Because I love everything to do with making TV shows and movies, I don’t find the experience hard at all. Everything about acting is amazing! If I had to choose, it would be the wait to see the final product. It can be months before you have the opportunity to see your work. I always can’t wait to see it!